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My American Dreams- Familia Rayas

Learn about the Rayas family's story, participants, and now part of the staff of Caminamos Juntos.

My American Dreams- Yovany Díaz

Through his story, you can learn about the educational challenges faced by the undocumented migrant community in the United States.

Karen Salgado's Testimonial

Karen tells us about the challenges she faced when her husband was deported. This story portrays the difficulties that a multinational family (Honduran mother, US-born son, and Mexican father) faces when moving to Mexico.

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“One day, after 2 years of being deported from the United States, my daughter and I heard a radio spot of a program that helps people who are deported.


That's how I heard of Caminamos Juntos and I reached out. Since then they've helped us with the Mexican legal documentation for my daughter who was born in the United States because I didn't have any legal documentation of her.


They helped me with groceries, with a tablet, so my daughter could continue taking her online classes, with school supplies, and in Caminamos Juntos is where we find support to continue to overcome the fact of being deported.


Thank you very much for everything you've made possible for us. "

- Juana Urbina

"I'm grateful to Caminamos Juntos for helping me establish myself when I returned to San Miguel de Allende, their support provided me with a safe place and food during a difficult time, it is a very good program."

- Guillermo Ramírez

"I am very grateful to Caminamos Juntos for the support they gave me to open my business in Mexico. They helped me create a brand and promotional material for my party inflatable rental business and thanks to their support I was also able to finish high school. It's a very good program."  ​

Thanks to everyone in Caminamos Juntos! "

- Erasmo Hurtado

“I want to thank Caminamos Juntos for all the support they have given me. They've helped me with the dual citizenship of my two children. One of my children needed an operation and they helped me contacting the people who could help us. During the pandemic, they've been our light of hope helping with groceries and some financial aid. They've been a great support for my family, for everything they've helped me I'm grateful for being in my life. God bless you greatly, thank you Caminamos Juntos "

- Carmen Rodríguez

“Caminamos Juntos helped us move to San Miguel de Allende. When we arrived they helped with my husband's documentation for work, my son's dual nationality, and all the procedures for my residency, they also provided groceries. My husband was also able to finish high school through their academic program. Without them, we wouldn't have been able to continue. "

- Salazar Family

"I was born in Mexico City, I am currently 45 years old, after completing my high school studies I began to work in different activities. In 2003 I migrated to the United States, I worked in metal restoration in casinos around Atlantic City, where I lived for eleven years, later I moved to Virginia, I had a relationship and my son was born. At that time I was working and I was also trained as a tractor-trailer operator, being a driver for several food companies, traveling through the northern part of the country. I had an issue with a neighbor who harassed my fiancé, he tried to broke into my house and we got into a fight, the police arrived, they arrested us and they referred me to immigration, I was deported in 2018 when I returned to Mexico City.


After the deportation, my relationship ended and I currently have no communication with my son. I continue to work as a truck driver but it has been difficult for me to access better work opportunities because I don't didn't finish high school. Through Caminamos Juntos I was able to continue my high school education and I am one step away from finishing it. At this moment I want to continue my studies and get a university degree aiming this will allow me to have a better job in the transportation service. "

- Agustin

“I was born in San José del Rincón in the State of Mexico, I finished high school and had to start working to help my family's income, when I was 19 I migrated to the United States.


Being there I spent most of my time doing construction work, I had a  family with 3 children. In 2018 I was arrested and spent two months in an immigration facility in the state of Colorado, I was deported in October 2018. This situation separated me from my children and now I am separated from my partner. Currently, I work in Mexico City and I also help other people who are going through the same situation. In March, Caminamos Juntos offered me to continue studying high school and I accepted because it's been difficult to find a good job without education certificates. Now I'm finished with high school and I want to continue with my education, but above all to have better job opportunities.

- Carlos

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