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About us

We are a team of people committed to creating diverse and inclusive spaces and opportunities, having a positive impact on our community.

The mission of Caminamos Juntos is to provide comprehensive services and accompaniment to Mexicans who have been deported from the U.S. and their families, who do not have a strong local support network and need assistance to integrate into the San Miguel de Allende community.


Nicole Rayas - Director of Operations

 I'm Nicole Rayas, Director of Operations at Caminamos Juntos. My family and I are from Tennessee, and my husband was told in 2018 that he had to leave the US and return to Mexico. We decided to move to Mexico together to keep our family from being separated, so my husband, my two teenage sons, and I moved to San Miguel de Allende. Before starting my work with CJ, I had never worked with any non-profit. My family and I were the first family in the Caminamos Juntos program when we moved to San Miguel de Allende. In 2019, I became part of the CJ team to do my part in helping to soften the impact of deportation on the person and families that need our assistance and to support in relieving some of the stress that this generates. Outside of CJ, I love traveling to new areas and enjoying Mexican culture.

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Karen Salgado - Community Integration Coordinator

I am Karen Salgado of Honduran nationality and I am an intern for a Bachelor of Business Administration. I am currently the Community Integration Coordinator at Caminamos Juntos in San Miguel de Allende. I'm proud of belonging to this work team doing a very important job in giving the families of Mexican nationals the opportunity to create a community and a support network in their country.

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Ariel Díaz -  Accompaniment and Education Coordinator

Hi, I'm Ariel Díaz, I was born in San Miguel de Allende and I trained at the Autonomous University of Querétaro as a criminologist and social psychologist, where I began to collaborate with social organizations that worked with people in vulnerable situations. In those spaces, a need for social justice grew in me, as well as the desire that all people have access to a dignified life.

Currently, I direct the Education Program, where I have the possibility to contribute to others with my experience, and which in turn is a place where I learn a lot from the people I live with, each of them is teaching me and they contribute to the creation of a safe space, in which they can talk, live, laugh, share, know, and create intention.


It takes much more energy to move forward when there is no one by your side, here in Caminamos Juntos we aim to rely on each other and become a family for those in need of support.

Board of Directors

Sandy Furrh

Social Justice Advocate / Therapist


Marc Berube

Leadership, Management and Development Expert

Vice President

Paul Carlino

Tax Attorney


Mario López



Paula Anaya


Board Member

Nancy Landa

Migration Project Manager

Board Member

Gina Rodríguez

Human Rights Activist

Board Member

Lee Ragsdale


Board Member


Samantha Silva

Social Projects Manager
Board Member

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