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Happy birthday to our director Nicole!

Originally from Tennessee. In 2018 her husband had to leave the US and return to Mexico, so she decided to move to Mexico to avoid her family being separated.

In 2019, she joined CJ's team to help soften the impact of deportation on the individual and families who need help.

We invite you to know her story:

"Today is a day of giving thanks and showing gratitude. I’m thankful to my mom for instilling the values that made me who I am today.

Working with a non-profit isn’t where I saw myself just a few years ago. However, I am extremely grateful that life brought me down this path of helping others. Knowing that I believe in what Caminamos Juntos stands for motivates me to give my all for a mission I truly believe in.

I’m grateful to all of the participants that have trusted Caminamos Juntos enough to assist them in their lives after deportation, colleagues that are my second family, and all of our CJ supporters."

Nicole Rayas

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