Mexico is full of possibilities

Are you in a difficult situation where you and your family have been deported or are in the process of deportation from the United States to Mexico? We can guide you on your return to Mexico.




In our Community Integration program in San Miguel de Allende we provide a safe and trial-free space for Mexicans that have been deported, their partners, and children, where we provide them with a support network to share and learn together.

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At Caminamos Juntos we seek that deported Mexicans, their partners, and children, have the possibility of creating goals and developing their life projects through access to education allowing their integration into the community both culturally and socially.

Guidance for personal documents

We accompany Mexicans that have been deported, their partners, and children, in obtaining personal documents to obtain access to free public services (such as health and education) so that they can have access to the labor market, and eventually a better quality of life.

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